Elvis A Paris - 50&eacute me Anniversaire

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The French fanclub My Happiness released a unique promo CD to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Elvis&#8217 visit to Paris. On the CD, you&#8217 ll find a few tracks from Elvis, added with songs from Nancy Holloway and The Golden Gate Quartet. Elvis saw them live during a concert in the &#8216 Casino De Paris . After the show, he went backstage and they had a jam session for several hours. It is remarkable to hear the arrangements for  Swing Down Sweet Chariot and  Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho that can be heared on this CD are exactly the same as Elvis recorded them later on. The source of his inspiration can be heard on this disc. The best part of this disc is hidden on de  CD Plus track&#8217 . If you put the disc in our computer (not available on regular DVD players), you can see a short docu about Elvis&#8217 visit to Paris with rare film footage in Black and White AND color. ElvisMatters now has a limited stock off these exclusive promo CD.

 01. Prends Mon Coeur - Marcel Gall
02. Press Conference NY - Elvis
03. A Fool Such As I - Elvis
04. Swing Down, Sweet Chariot - Golden Gate Quartet
05. Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho - Golden Gate Quartet
06. Tweedle Dee - Line Renaud
07. Les enchaines - Line Renaud
08. Blue Moon - Harold Nicholas
09. Prends Mon Coeur - Petula Clark
10. Rock The Bop - Nancy Holloway
11. J'ai deux amours - Nancy Holloway
12. I Need Your Love Tonight - Elvis
13. Press Conference Graceland - Elvis
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