FTD - Raised On Rock

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Raised On Rock is one of the albums wich is released from the Stax recordingsessions in 1973. The other two are  Good Times and Promised Land. 

Disc 1

1.Raised On Rock
2.Are You Sincere
3.Find Out What’s Happening
4.I Miss You
5.Girl Of Mine
6.For Ol’ Times Sake
7.If You Don’t Come Back
8.Just A Little Bit
9.Sweet Angeline
10.Three Corn Patches

Session Highlights

11.I Miss You (Take 10-11)
12.Find out What’s happening (Take 6)
13.It’s Different Now (Rehearsal, unedited)
14.Three Corn Patches (Take 1-2)
15.If You Don’t Come Back (Take 5)
16.Girl Of Mine (Take 9)
17.I Miss You (Take 5)
18.Three Corn Patches (Take 13-14)
19.Are You Sincere (Take 2)
20.Find Out What’s Happening (Take 8, 7)
21.For Ol’ Times Sake (Take 4)

Instrumental Tracks

22.Color My Rainbow
23.Sweet Angeline

Disc 2
Rough Mixes

1.For Ol Times Sake
2.If You Don’t Come Back
3.Find Out What’s Happening
4.Raised On Rock
5.Three Corn Patches 
6.Just A Little Bit (Including fals start)

Session Outtakes

7.If You Don’t Come Back (Take 1-3)
8.I Miss You (Take 1)
9.Girl Of Mine (Take 1)
10.Find Out What’s Happening (Takes 1,2,4,5)
11.Three Corn Patches (Take 4-6)
12.For Ol’ Times Sake (Take 5-7)
13.I Miss You (Take 10)
14.If You Don’t Come Back (Takes 8, 6)
15.Find Our What’s Happening (Takes 8, 7)
16.Are You Sincere (Take 1)
17.Girl Of Mine (Take 3-6)
18.Three Corn Patches (Take 9-10)
19.I Miss You (Take 12-15)

Instrumental Tracks

20.The Wonders You Perform
21.Good, Bad But Beautiful 

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