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When Elvis recorded at Stax in July of 1973 the sessions were marred by several problems. The studio was somewhat behind the times in technology.Various malfunctions held up the sessions, Elvis' mike disappeared and eventually so did Elvis, leaving Felton and the band to cut backing tracks an several songs (4). of which Elvis Chose to finish only one two months later at his Palm Springs home.When he retumed in December for week-long sessions. RCA had brought its 16-track mobile unit to Memphis, manned with their own engineers in order to supervise the technical aspects of the sessions, but more importantly Felton and Elvis were much better prepared, with many strong songs selected, and significantly, with Elvis in much better Spirits than he had been back in July.With 18 finished masters the sessions produced exactly the number of recordings Felton and RCA needed.With the two songs held over from July, there was enough material for new singles and two complete studio albums.

Disc 1 
The Original Album Promised Land 
1.There's A Honky Tonk Angel (Who Will Take Me Back In) 
2.Help Me 
3.Mr. Songman 
4.Love Song Of The Year 
5.It's Midnight 
6.Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming 
7.If You Talk In Your Sleep 
8.Thinking About You 
9.You Asked Me To 

Session Highlights : The Alternate Album 
10.Promised Land : take 4 
11.There's A Honky Tonk Angel : takes 3,2,7 
12.Help Me - take 1 (undubbed master) 
13.Mr. Songman : take 2 
14.Love Song Of The Year : take 1 
15.It's Midnight : take 9 
16.Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming - take 10 
17.If You Talk In Your Sleep - take 5 
18.Thinking About You : take 4 
19.You Asked Me To : ? 

More Session Highlights Promised Land : take 5 
20.Love Song Of The Year : take 7 
21.It's Midnight : take 11 
22.Thinking About You : takes 5,6 
23.You Asked Me To : ? 

Disc 2 
The Sessions : The Making Of 
1.It's Midnight : takes 1-4, 8,7 
2.You Asked Me To : ? 
3.Mr. Songman : take 1 
4.Thinking About You : rehearsal 
5.Thinking About You : take 3 
6.Promised Land : take 3,2 
7.Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming : takes 2,3 
8.Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming : take 4 
9.There's A Honky Tonk Angel : take 1 
10.Love Song Of The Year : rehearsal 
11.Love Song Of The Year : take 2 
12.It's Midnight : take 10 
13.If You Talk In Your Sleep : takes 6,7, 8 
14.Mr. Songman : takes 3,6 
15.Love Song Of The Year : takes x,y, 8 (undubbed master) 
16.You Asked Me To : take 3B (4 ??) 
17.There's A Honky Tonk Angel : takes ? 
18.It's Midnight : takes 15,16 
19.Promised Land : take 6 : undubbed master 
20.Thinking About You : ? 
21.Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming : take 8 
22.Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming : take 9
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