FTD Vinyl - Elvis: Kissin 'Cousins

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FTD Vinyl is pleased with the release of "Kissin' Cousins - Limited Vinyl Edition". The album features great alternative versions of songs from the movie soundtrack sessions and related tracks. Mastered at Abbey Road Studios, the album is released in a 180 gram format.

Side 1

1. Kissin’ Cousins (Number 2) (unedited master)  

2. Smokey Mountain Boy (track, take 1-intro & take 4/M)  

3. Catchin’ On Fast  (unedited master)

4. There’s Gold In The Mountains (track, takes 1-2)

5. Kissin’ Cousins  (track, take 1)

6. One Boy Two Little Girls (master)

7. Pappy Won’t You Please Come Home (Dolores Edgin vocal, take 6/M)   


Side 2

1. Kissin’ Cousins  (hillbilly vocal)

2. Anyone (Could Fall in Love with You)  (v.o. take 2/alternate master)

3. Barefoot Ballad  (instrumental)

4. There’s Gold In The Mountains (instrumental)

5. Smokey Mountain Boy (master)

6. Once Is Enough (master)

7. Tender Feeling  (track, take 1)

8. Catchin’ On Fast  (track, take 1 & ending take 2)  


Side 3

1. (It’s a) Long Lonely Highway  (take 1)

2. Echoes Of Love (takes 9,8 alternate master)

3. Kissin’ Cousins  (regular vocal)

4. It Hurts Me  (take 1)

5. There’s Gold In The Mountains  

6. Anyone (Could Fall in Love with You)  (track, take 4)

7. Kissin’ Cousins (Number 2) (track, take 1)  


Side 4

1. It Hurts Me (master)

2. Kissin’ Cousins (master)

3. One Boy Two Little Girls  (track, take 2)    

4.Tender Feeling (master)

5. Once Is Enough  (track, take 1)   

6. Anyone (Could Fall in Love with You) (master)

7. Barefoot Ballad  (track, take 2)








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