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Marlyn Mason & Elvis Presley in 'The Trouble With Girls' (1969)
Marlyn Mason played the part of Sally Weldon in the "Ben Casey" TV series during the mid-sixties, before making her film debut, as Charlene (the role was originally intended for singer Bobbie "Ode to Billy Joe" Gentry), in The Trouble With Girls (And How To Get Into It). With a title like that, one would expect this to be a typical Elvis film, but typical it ain't!! Many die-hard fans don't like it, siting, among other things, that "Elvis hardly appears for the first forty minutes of the film" (Paul Lichter, Elvis in Hollywood)! With an ensemble cast that includes Vincent Price and John Carradine, set in the "Roaring 20's", this is a character-actor's field day. The setting is a traveling Chautauqua tent show. Elvis plays the boss, and Marlyn is sort of the self-appointed union. Along the way, they do a duet on "Signs of the Zodiac", a predictably silly novelty song.
Glossy picture with authentic signature (no print) on 30x20cm
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