Elvis Presley King Creole - Orange Vinyl - 33 RPM Vinyl Wax Time Label

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Op deze Elvis Presley King Creole op 180 gram Oranje Vinyl op het Wax Time Label niet minder dan 20 songs. Niet alleen uit de film King Creole maar ook diverse andere songs uit dezelfde periode.


Side 1

1. King Creole

2. As Long As I Have You

3. Hard Headed Woman

4. Trouble

5. Dixieland Rock

6. Fame And Fortune

7. One Night

8. I Got Stung

9. I Need Your Love Tonight

10. Big Hunk O'Love

Side 2 

1. Don't Ask Me Why

2. Lover Doll

3. Crawfisch

4. Young Dreams

5. Steadfast, Loyal And True

6. New Orleans

7. Wear My Ring Around Your Neck

8. Doncha' Think It's Time

9. (Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I

10. My Wish Came True

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