Elvis Presley - Blue Hawaii Shaped Picture Disc 33 RPM Vinyl VPI Label

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In 1961, Elvis' film Blue Hawaii was released in cinemas worldwide. Elvis played the role of Chadwick Gates, a former soldier who returned to Hawaii to work as a tour guide. The film would become Elvis's biggest box office success in cinema. Partly because of the songs in the film. Mega successes such as the title song Blue Hawaii and especially Can't Help Falling In Love. The VPI label is now launching a limited vinyl release in the form of a shaped vinyl record. Not in a completely round shape, but a modified shape with Elvis' image on it. On the B-side an image of a dancing Elvis with some co-stars from the film. The playlist on the vinyl are film versions and various takes. The vinyl is packaged in a sturdy, transparent plastic sleeve.

Highly recommended for vinyl lovers! Now available in limited quantities in your ElvisMatters Shop!

Side A

1. Blue Hawaii (movie version)

2. Almost Always True (takes 4, 5)

3. Aloha Oe (master the surfers and take 6)

4. No More (take 1)

5. Can't Help Falling in Love (movie version)

6. Rock-a-hula Baby (takes 2, 3)

7. Moonlight Swim (takes 1, 2)

Side B

1. Ku-ui-po (take 1)

2. Ito Eats (takes 4, 5)

3. Slicin' Sand (takes 13, 14)

4. Hawaiian Sunset (take 2)

5. Beach Boy Blues (movie version, take 3)

6. Island of Love (take 9)

7. Hawaiian Wedding Song (take 1)


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