Elvis Presley The Airplanes & The King

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Books about Elvis have been published for decades. Some better or worse than others. Just about all aspects of Elvis have already been described in these hundreds of books. Now, however, a book has been published on a subject that has never been described before. Namely the connection between Elvis and airplanes. You might immediately think of Elvis' own plane, the Lisa Marie. But there is of course much more than this impressive aircraft. Already in the fifties, Elvis regularly took the plane. Needless to say, this happened more and more in the 1960s, and especially in the 1970s for the hundreds of concerts and of course the vacations in Hawaii. The Spaniard Carlos Varrenti is not only a huge fan of Elvis, but is also fascinated by airplanes. During his first visit to Graceland in 2001, he got the idea to write a book about Elvis and his relationship with airplanes. That finally happened in 2020. The team behind the Elvis Files has now translated this book into English and it was released in September 2022. The original book consisted of 198 pages. Now this book has not only been translated into English, but has been updated to 400 (!) pages.

This book is a guide for any Elvis fan. With hundreds of photos and anecdotes. An A to Z story about almost all flights Elvis ever made in his career. A complete guide to all aircraft, own and leased. You will find every detail in this book. Many photos have never appeared before, as well as many details such as flight schedules.

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